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Effemme Piattaforme
- Via dell industria, 43 - 41122 Modena (MO) - Италия
Контакт Effemme Piattaforme:

Effemme Piattaforme

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Cela T J27

Автовышка Pекламный код: UG688 Год: 2004

Multitel mt 204

Автовышка Pекламный код: LG298 Год: 2016

Palazzani tsj 39

Телескопический высотный самоxодный подъёмник Pекламный код: BU112 Год: 2007

Sequani - CTE z 20

Автовышка Pекламный код: MG299 Год: 2008

  • Продавец: Effemme Piattaforme

  • Логотип EffemmeThe company EFFEMME PIATTAFORME of Modena specializes in the sale of used and new aerial platforms. Truck-mounted used platforms (fitted on Trucks) and used spider (tracked) platforms. For the maintenance and control of used vehicles sold, the company relies on experienced and qualified personnel who have been working in the lifting sector for years. Moreover, periodic checks are strictly carried out on all used vehicles - I.S.P.E.S.L. - U.S.L. Commercial agents for Multitel Pagliero spa are present in Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria. EFFEMME is agent for C.M.C. Company specialized in the production of tracked aerial platforms
  • Адрес:
    Via dell industria, 43 - 41122 Modena (MO) - Италия
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  • Телефон:
  • Контактное лицо:
    Filippo Rimondi
  • Языки :
    Итальянский, Английский